Mission Statement

Dear Shipper,
If this is the first time you have used our services, we would like to share our history and mission with you.
CNN International LLC is a US based nationwide provider of international shipping and freight services for commercial and private shippers.
All freight is transported by licensed US freight companies and shipping lines. Using the services of more than 80 carriers, we offer services for all types and sizes of freight.
Annually we arrange transportation for thousands of shippers. Because of our connections and experience in the International freight industry we have the ability to offer our customers services, rates and discounts they are not able to obtain on their own.
Our customers include residential and commercial shippers of every type and freight size. They include individuals who are shipping freight for the first time, large corporations and small companies. We also arrange shipments for collages, city, state and federal agencies.
All request for freight quotes are welcome. We have no restriction on size, location or destination. As a first time shipper or one well-seasoned with international relocation, our knowledgeable and helpful agents will assist you by answering your questions and furnish services tailored to your specific needs.
"Providing innovative cost effective ways to serve you and handle all of your shipping needs"
With integrity as our core value in all aspects of our services to the Client, our desire is to provide: best in class customer service driven cost effective solutions across the entire scope of services we provide. We strive to:
·         Serve our customers by providing creative, cost-effective supply chain solutions that continually meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and provide unquestionable value.
·         Maintain dedicated professionals who have the interest of clients at heart with only the highest ethical standards.
·         Research and utilize anticipated future trends with investment in areas of new technology.
Our creativity in finding solutions will only be eclipsed by our own enthusiasm to “change the way our clients look at the world”.
Our ultimate priority is Customer Satisfaction.We are committed to our relationship with our customers and their success. We strive to inspire our shippers, partners and vendors to be the valued members of our team as we are to theirs, and to serve them and the communities within which we work with integrity and responsibility.
We will accomplish this through continued investment in our customers, employees, technology, future trends, and culture of “doing the right thing” for our customers.

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