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CNN International is committed to providing you one point of contact for all of your relocation needs. We will be there for every step of the process from planning your international move to unpacking the last article of furniture in your new home overseas, all the while providing unsurpassed and sincere customer service.

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The Estimate Process

Although we're confident that we can offer the best combination of value and service for your relocation, by becoming an educated consumer you will be able to make the best decisions for your move.

The following will help guide you through the process of dealing with an international moving company

Determine the capacity

Make a list of the items you wish to ship

Your CNN Logistics Agent will calculate the estimated capacity of your shipment. Based on the capacity, we will advise you which would suit you best, either via LCL (less than a container) or FCL (full container load). We will also recommend the method of shipment Via Ocean or Air Freight.

Choose the type of service

  • Door-to-Door
  • Door-to-Port
  • Port-to-Port

Your CNN Logistics Agent will provide you a written estimate based on the capacity of the cargo and the type of services agreed upon. Your Agent will also walk you through every aspect of your move and our services: packing, crating, transit times, insurance, unpacking, storage, customer service capabilities, and general customs and all documents pertaining to your destination. Your agent will also discuss different service options to help accommodate your needs and relocation budget.

We recommend that you obtain at least three quotes from different qualified international moving companies.

Make sure that all companies:

  • Are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as an NVOCC.
  • Are experienced, if not specialized in international relocations.
  • Provide ALL quotes in writing detailing the services included and excluded.
  • Provide all estimates and quotes based on the SAME CAPICITY and TYPE OF SERVICE.

Because this industry is made up of international moving companies with different business philosophies and work ethics, you will notice that most reputable companies will be in a similar price range. If one shipping quote is significantly lower than the others, it should be scrutinized completely, questioning each step and detail. Our quotations are broken down by service and offer an itemized explanation for each charge and reason. Every effort is taken to divulge all costs involved, including origin of services, inland transportation, applicable shipping costs and destination services.

Reservation Process With CNN International

Once you have decided to use our services our documentation department will prepare an order of service for your review, typically via e-mail. This document will outline the type of service and conditions, as well as all rates and terms based on capacity and timetable.

The next step is to sign the order and fax it back with a deposit to schedule your move.

After your order and deposit is processed, you will receive:

  • A written confirmation of your reservation and deposit.
  • All necessary shipping forms, including customs and insurance forms, customer information forms, mutual disclaimers, and inventory forms.

These forms must be submitted to and approved by our office prior to the scheduled pick up date. Feel free to contact us any time for any additional information or service requirements.

Prior To Your Move Date With CNN International

Your CNN Logistics Agent will make sure you receive all of the additional necessary documents and will facilitate all aspects of your relocation. Your Agent will coordinate your pick-up date, any origin services, reserve the ocean freight, and contact the destination agent, all tailored to your service type. Your Agent will also contact you in regards to any optional services such as additional insurance, extra packing and discuss any additional service requests that you may have.

One business day prior to your pick up date, Your CNN Logistics Agent will contact you and provide you with your pick-up time window. For ease of communication, PLEASE do not schedule any flights or departures on the same day of or day after your scheduled pick up until a timetable has been established. Also, please consider that weather, vehicle breakdowns, traffic, weight stations, and even random security inspections may delay a team. We will always strive to provide you a timely pickup and delivery.

Your Move Date With CNN International

On your scheduled move date our professional packing and loading crew will arrive with all of the requisite packing material required for your specific international shipping destination.

If you reserved a full container load our team will load the goods directly to the container at your residence.

If you have less than a container load, your cargo will be loaded and transported either to our warehouse or directly to the port for export preparation.

At this point all necessary, previously submitted documents should be on file with our office to ensure proper shipping.

After Your Move With CNN International

    * All FCL Cargo will be transported directly to the port of exit, where it will begin the export process and be loaded to the next available vessel.

    * All LCL cargo, after arriving at our warehouse or shipping terminal, will be prepared for export and may be palletized, or crated. The cargo capacity will be measured and all warehouse measurement receipts will be issued and filed.

Your final shipping invoice will be issued via e-mail. We require that the final balance invoiced be paid within 7 days to avoid any delays in shipment. All payments or adjusted balances must clear in order to begin international shipping and delivery.

Once your invoice has been paid in full, your shipment will be finalized for shipping and loaded onto the next available vessel.

CNN International will collect the cargo receipt from the shipping line and Your CNN Logistics Agent will provide you with an official shipping notice containing your shipment details, including estimated time of arrival and complete destination agent information.

Upon arrival at the port of destination, your Agent will provide you an arrival notice, so that you may begin the release process. In the case of door-to-door shipments, your Agent will coordinate customs clearance and delivery of goods to your residence.

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